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Law and Development


The Law and Development research priority at IPPG focuses on the critical intersection of legal frameworks and sustainable development. Recognizing the urgent need for robust legal systems, which are foundational to political governance, economic growth, and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our research aims to explore and enhance the ways in which law can drive and support development across diverse contexts in Africa.

Research Objectives

  1. Examine the Role of Legal Frameworks in Development: Investigate how well-designed legal frameworks can promote economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability.
  2. Support Political Governance through Law: Analyze how legal institutions and regulations underpin effective political governance and foster transparency, accountability, and citizen participation.
  3. Advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Explore how legal systems can be leveraged to achieve the SDGs, focusing on policy coherence, institutional frameworks, and governance mechanisms.

Our current research and advocacy in the Law and Development priority area is specifically focused on the following:

Environmental Sustainability and Legal Instruments

  • Environmental Legislation: Study the effectiveness of environmental laws and regulations in protecting natural resources and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Climate Change Law: Examine legal frameworks for climate change mitigation and adaptation, including international agreements and national policies.
  • Resource Management: Explore legal approaches to managing natural resources, ensuring their sustainable use and equitable distribution.

Legal Support for the SDGs

  • Policy Coherence: Analyze how legal frameworks can ensure policy coherence across different sectors to achieve the SDGs.
  • Institutional Frameworks: Explore the role of legal institutions in implementing, monitoring, and reporting on the SDGs.
  • International Cooperation: Study the legal dimensions of international cooperation and partnerships essential for achieving the SDGs.

Current Project