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Climate Change, Renewable Energy, & Energy Access

Despite contributing the least to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Africa bears a disproportionate burden of the adverse impacts of climate change. The continent’s vulnerability is exacerbated by its limited resources and capacity to adapt to changing climatic conditions. However, Africa’s vast renewable energy resources present a unique opportunity.

By harnessing it’s solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric power resources, Africa can contribute to global climate mitigation efforts and address its widespread energy access challenges to promote sustainable development, economic growth, and improved quality of life for millions of Africans.

IPPG’s evidence-based research in this priority area focuses on:

  • Climate Adaptation & Resilience: Studies to develop and advocate for policies that enhance climate resilience in African countries.
  • Promoting Renewable Energy: Investigating policy strategies for large-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources.
  • Climate Finance: Studying the effectiveness of existing climate finance mechanisms, identifying barriers to accessing climate finance, and proposing innovative solutions to unlock more private climate finance in Africa.
  • Improving Energy Access: Analyzing barriers to energy access and developing innovative solutions to ensure affordable, reliable, and modern energy services for all.
  • Innovation & Technology Transfer: Identifying policies to stimulate innovation and position Africa as a key player in producing cross-cutting technologies essential for the global energy transition.
  • Strengthening Policy and Governance: Examining policy frameworks and governance structures that support the energy transition and innovation, ensuring they are inclusive and equitable.

By focusing on these research areas, we aim to contribute to Africa’s sustainable and resilient energy future, addressing both environmental challenges and socio-economic development needs.

Current Projects