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IPPG Legal and Regulatory Digest: Ghana’s Renewable Energy Act, 2011 (Act 832) and its Amendment

Ghana is richly endowed with a variety of renewable energy (RE) sources, including substantial biomass, considerable hydro-power potential, promising wind resources along the coastline, and high levels of solar irradiation. However, these abundant renewable energy sources have remained largely underutilized.

To address this gap and stimulate the development of the country’s renewable energy sector, the Government of Ghana (GoG) enacted the Renewable Energy Act, 2011 (Act 832). This legislation aims to create a favourable environment for private sector investments by providing a comprehensive framework that supports the sustainable development and utilization of renewable energy resources.

The Renewable Energy Act, assented to by Ghana’s President on December 31, 2011, was amended in 2020 by the Renewable Energy (Amendment) Act, 2020 (Act 1045). The amendment was introduced to address emerging challenges and to further enhance the regulatory framework for renewable energy development in Ghana.

To read the full review of Ghana’s Renewable Energy Act, and its Amendment, click here to download the publication.

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