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IPPG Diplomacy Dialogue

Maiden Edition –  August 15, 2024 Labadi Beach Hotel


The Diplomacy Dialogue program, hosted by the International Perspective for Policy & Governance (IPPG), is a pioneering initiative to foster constructive and meaningful discussions on Ghana’s critical diplomatic and international relations issues.

Set against the backdrop of enhancing Ghana’s political and economic landscape, the event aims to bring together diplomats, policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to explore and address pressing diplomatic, bilateral, and multilateral issues and their impact on strengthening Ghana’s international partnerships, shaping Ghana’s foreign policy, and promoting the country’s sustainable development through bilateral and diplomatic partnerships.


The primary objectives of the IPP Diplomacy Dialogue program are:

  1. Enhance Diplomatic Engagement: Facilitate open and in-depth dialogues between Ghanaians and international diplomats to strengthen Ghana’s diplomatic relations and cooperation.
  2. Promote Policy Understanding: Provide a platform for discussing and understanding the nuances of various international policies and their implications for Ghana and the broader African continent.
  3. Encourage Multilateral Cooperation: Foster a spirit of multilateralism by encouraging discussions on regional and global cooperation frameworks, including the African Union, the United Nations, and other international bodies.
  4. Support Sustainable Development: Align diplomatic efforts with sustainable development goals, emphasizing climate action, economic development, and social equity.
  5. Educate and Inform: Serve as an educational forum, offering a unique opportunity for policy makers, young diplomats, students, and the general public to learn about the nuances of international relations and diplomacy..

Key Features

  • One on One Interviews: The program features high-level dialogues with ambassadors, high commissioners, and senior diplomats, providing insights into their countries’ foreign policies and bilateral relations with Ghana.
  • Panel Discussions: The program includes panel discussions on topical issues such as international trade, investment, climate change, security, and public health, with participation from experts and thought leaders.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participants and invited guests will be given the opportunity to engage directly with guest/panel to ask questions and share their perspectives, thereby enriching the dialogue experience.
  • Research and Publications: The program will support out research on international relations and diplomacy, producing policy briefs, reports, and publications that contribute to academic and policy discourse.