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Driving the Future – Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption in Ghana

Join us for an engaging webinar focused on accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Ghana. As part of our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, this session will explore the various dimensions of integrating electric vehicles into Ghana’s transportation landscape. The discussion will be centered around the following key topics:

  • Policy Frameworks and Incentives: Analyzing current policies and identifying the necessary governmental incentives that could encourage both consumers and businesses to transition to electric vehicles.
  • Infrastructure Development: Delving into the requirements for EV infrastructure, such as charging stations and maintenance facilities, and how these can be sustainably developed across urban and rural areas.
  • Environmental Impact: Evaluating the potential environmental benefits of adopting EVs in Ghana, including reductions in carbon emissions and improvements in urban air quality.
  • Economic Implications: Discussing the economic impact of widespread EV adoption, including job creation in new sectors, impacts on the oil industry, and the overall effect on Ghana’s economy.
  • Consumer Awareness and Adoption Challenges: Addressing consumer perceptions and the challenges to EV adoption, such as vehicle cost, range anxiety, and the availability of charging points.
  • Technological Partnerships and Collaborations: Exploring opportunities for international partnerships and collaborations that could facilitate technology transfer and local manufacturing of EV components.

This webinar will convene key stakeholders from government, the automotive industry, and auto manufacturers to collaboratively forge a path forward for electric vehicles in Ghana.